ADAS ONE Technology History & Vision

Hanyang Information & Communications has taken the first step on ADAS market with the establishment of the Embedded Vision Research Center in 2013. With the brand of ADAS ONE, we have developed the ADAS, the core technology of autonomous driving, and are taking the head in the safe driving of drivers and prevention of traffic accidents.
By utilizing computer vision ADAS technology, deep learning, AEB(Autonomous Emergency Braking), vehicle control technology and sensor fusion technology, we will strengthen our research capabilities to be able to provide safe driving service of autonomous driving system of Top 5 Personal Mobility in the world .

ADAS ONE Core Technology
Embedded Vision Technology

Embedded vision technology is the library technology optimized for environment-constrained vision embedded platforms as performing CPU and GPU-based computer vision technology and rapid parallel processing technology.

Advanced Driver Assistance System(ADAS) Technology

t is the core technology of smart car solution provided a safe driving function such as LDW(Lane Departure Warning) and FCW(Forward Collision Warning) developed by our own algorithm.

Autonomous Emergency Braking(AEB) Technology

Our own AEB technology is an anti-collision solution connecting a car stereo camera based on ADAS function to an Electronic Control Unit(ECU) and detecting the vehicle ahead and pedestrians to control automatically the AEB during driving.

CNN(Convolutional Neural Network) based Deep Learning

Development of CNN based multi object recognition algorithm. It shows more great performance than the existing Hand Crafted Feature based method.
Even if the object type increases, it can be detected without changing the processing speed by using the same network structure.