ADAS ONE’s Project

Embedded Vision Research Center was selected as a host organization for national research and development project in smart car field since 2015 and has performing the projects as below. We are taking the head in researching for safe driving as own embedded vision technology based on multi CPU and GPU.

Development of ICT Convergence UI/UX System to support for safe driving of transportation vulnerable
Development of HUD smart safe driving platform to prevent vehicle collision and pedestrian recognition using computer vision and sensor technology
- The smart car device supporting safe driving based HUD(Head Up Display)
- ADAS(Advanced Driving Assistant system) technology
- eCall Service technology
- Technology of vehicle diagnosis
Development of HD level multi angle front camera system to support intersection AEB by connecting ADAS technology with stereo camera and automobile control system
- Front vehicle and pedestrian recognition technology
- Development of stereo camera module
- Development of AEB(Automatic Emergency Braking) module using ABS(Anti-lock Braking System)
- Development of ECU(Electronic Control Unit) module