ADAS : Advanced Driver Assistance System

LDW Lane Departure Warning

By detecting the lane automatically, the system lerts when the driver drift out the lane without turn signal

FCW Forward Collision Warning

After calculating the distance between front car and the driver's car, the system alerts the driver when the vehicle confronts impending to rear of different car ahead while driving

PDWS Pedestrian Detection Warning

Warns as classifying a danger when the system detects the pedestrians infront of the vehicle by algorithm and are on the distance to be caused to collision

FVSA Forward Vehicle Start Alert

While a vehicle temporarily stops against traffic stop signal, in case of start delay after departure of the car in front, the system alerts the driver start of the preceding car.

HMW Headway Monitoring Warning

Maintains following safe distance between your car and the car ahead of you to avoid a collision

TSR Traffic Sign Recognition

Detects and alerts the various traffic signs to draw a driver’s attention for driving safety in advance and the recognition is carried out on the basis of statistical learning based multiple classification technology.