HX515, World 1st AEB system for After Market

HX515 is an AEB for after market. The front camera of AEB detect suddenly stopped car in the front. And radar will verify the distance between object and car. It makes audio alarm to driver 2.5 second before collision. The brake actuator will be active 1.6 second before collision. If there is no response from driver, the brake actuator will make stop the car with full brake 1 second before collision

Deep Learning SW Development Kit for Autonomous Driving
The Product Components



Actuator For Car

24HGz Radar

Rear Camera (Optional)
Hardware Specification
Item Spec.
CPU NVIDIA TX1: ARM Cortex A57 Quadcore
GPU 1 TFLOP/s 256-core Maxwell
Memory 4GB
Storage 16GB eMMC
Camera 2HD Ser-des interface
40 degree
Radar CAN interface
Image processing Deep Learning S/W