The World’s First ADAS Solution for Smartphone, AONE

A driver gets help from smartphone about not only LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System),
FCWS(Forward Collision Warning System), FVSA(Front Vehicle Start Alert) functions and E-Call(Emergency Call),
but also pattern analysis for safe driving.


By ADAS function applied ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) specialist company, Hanyang Information & Communication Co., Ltd.'s own vision technology,
it is possible to drive more safe and convenient.

LDW: Lane Departure Warning

Monitors your position on the road, and alerts if you cross the lane without turn signal
- Operating Condition: driving 55km/h or more

FCW: Forward Collision Warning

Measures the time before front-end collision with a distance between your car and the front car and speed
- Operating Condition : driving over 20km/h

FVSA: Forward Vehicle Start Alert

Notify the driver by means of a buzzer while front car moved away at traffic signal
- Operating Condition : when the vehicle speed is zero and the distance between the front vehicle and driver’s car is more than 10m within 2~3 seconds after the front one departs.

※ If the calibration is not correct, functions are not executed normally.
If ADAS functions do not work properly, do calibration again.