ADAS ONE INC., Selected as a business to be supported by ‘Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs’

HM310 passed the 'Performance Test of Front Collision and Lane Departure Warning System' test conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

‘HM310′, ADAS ONE INC., ’S (CEO Kim Tae Geun, front camera ADAS device passed the performance test of front collision warning device and lane departure warning device’ supervised by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. As a result, ADAS ONE INC., was chosen by the ministry to participate in the subsidiary project of integrating ADAS warning systems to vehicles.

Due to the large-scale of casualty caused by commercial vehicles, The Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is taking measures to prevent dangerous driving behaviors and decrease the number of road accidents. In this sense, the government made the installation of ADAS systems (e.g. Lane Departure Warning) mandatory in buses over 9m and vehicles weighing over 20 tons starting 2020. The government and local municipalities will financeADAS systems the development projects which is expected to cost around $56billion.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport decided that the performance of some ADAS products installed during the pilot project in 2017 was insufficient, and as a consequence, the ministry strengthened the test standards such as physical specifications and performance tests for the products participating in the subsidy project.

HM310 provided a stable warning alarm in events related to collision risks and lane departure. The ministry concluded that HM310 satisfied the performance criteria set by the ministry. In addition to the front crash warning and lane departure warning function, the HM310 also has a black box function that allows the driver to record driving images in full HD which can easily be saved and checked.

The HM310 will also be able to support advanced technology for safe driving, such as interfacing with the aftermarket Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB), as well as updating AI technology that incorporates future deep-running technology in the near future.

TheMinistry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport subsidy project regarding the installation of high-tech safety equipment will be carried out starting May. The project is targeting transportation companies registered under the Passenger Car Transportation Business Act and fleetvehicles with a length of 9 meters or more and vehicles with a total weight exceeding 20 tons.

Once the ADAS product is installed, the vehicle owner can receive the subsidy by submitting a confirmation letter to the registered local government of the vehicle issued by the manufacturer of the device or the installation agency.

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