ADAS Exclusive Camera Solution, HM310

HM310 is an ADAS exclusive front camera system equipped with ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System) for safe driving, DTG (Digital Tachograph) which collects driving records required to install for commercial vehicle and CAR DVR function which records driving images. It can help you manage your car safer and more effective.


With the video recording through the front camera of HM310,
it can be used to check the issues such as damages to the car or negligence rate in case of car accident.

* Due to editing, actual and picture quality may be slightly different.
* Detecting the box and lane is provided for the convenience of the user and does not appear in the actual recorded image.

The front camera is available to record driving videos with seamless 30fps in HD quality.(Only driving mode)
HM310 supports WDR(Wide Dynamic Range) that completely controls counterlight reflection to express vividly an every detail of an object by adding natural treatment effect to bright area and brightness to dark area, so it offers high quality picture image as naturally observed through eyesight. Also dewarping to correct warped area at edge side of image is applied to the device and the effect is made available for an user to identify an object detail and an accident spot situation in a recording file.

Option : Rear IR(or In-Cabin) DVR (HD)