The World’s First ADAS Solution for Smartphone, AONE

A driver gets help from smartphone about not only LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System),
FCWS(Forward Collision Warning System), FVSA(Front Vehicle Start Alert) functions and E-Call(Emergency Call),
but also pattern analysis for safe driving.


AONE is a safe driving solution that anyone can use easily without an extra installation process.

How to Install

1. Download AONE application from Google Play Store
(Google Play Store 바로가기)

2. Connect OBD scanner to the OBD port inside the car.
(In fuse box on the left side of driver's seat / near the pedal / center console or in the console box)

3. Put the smartphone cradle on windshield
(Recommend to put the cradle next to rear view mirror not to block driver’s sight)

4. Put metal plate on smartphone with double-sided tape provided
(Recommend to put metal plate below 1cm from the center)

5. Put the smartphone on the cradle that metal plate is stuck to.

6. Start AONE application and agree the terms and conditions to proceed to the next step

7. Log in with Google or Facebook account

8. Connect AONE OBDⅡ scanner to smartphone with BLE

9. According to the manual, register the car information and calibrate to use AONE,
(Manual Download)