The World’s First ADAS Solution for Smartphone, AONE

A driver gets help from smartphone about not only LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System),
FCWS(Forward Collision Warning System), FVSA(Front Vehicle Start Alert) functions and E-Call(Emergency Call),
but also pattern analysis for safe driving.


A smart car solution which can recognize the front with smartphone camera to support safe driving and manage the car at once.


Lane Departure Warning System

Monitors your position on the road and alerts while drifting out the lane


Forward Collision Warning System
Avoids front-end collisions, AONE measures the distance from the car in front of you


Forward Vehicle Start Alert

Notifies the driver by means of a buzzer while front car moves away at traffic signal

E-Call(Emergency Call)

Rescue message to 911
Makes automatic call to loved ones or emergency center to request rapid assistance after incidents

TTC(Time to Collision) for FCWS

Makes audio warning when the TTC is shorter than pre-setting time

Eco Driving Index

Analyzes driving habits and helps with safe, economical and eco driving experience

Safe Driving Index

Provides driving information that can analyze driving habits (e.g. brake / accelerator information)


Diagnostic trouble Code
Detects status of each part of car and diagnose problems to let driver check

Last Parking Location

Driver can find their car with the android app

Android Phone Battery Charger

Keeps your phone battery charge up

주행 정보를 위한 블랙박스

AONE은 속도, RPM, 브레이크 상태,
엑셀 레벨 등과 같은 운전 정보를 기록합니다.

GPS 추적

실시간으로 차량 위치와 경로를 추적할 수 있습니다.