The World’s First ADAS Solution for Smartphone, AONE

A driver gets help from smartphone about not only LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System),
FCWS(Forward Collision Warning System), FVSA(Front Vehicle Start Alert) functions and E-Call(Emergency Call),
but also pattern analysis for safe driving.


User can have safe driving habit and check various information through convenient functions
such as Driving statistics, Vehicle maintenance, GPS Tracking and Navigation.

Safe Driving Statistics

You can check how many times you get the ADAS alert as well as driving information such as driving distance, average speed, rapid acceleration and deceleration. As checking the statistics, you will drive more safely and eco-friendly undertanding driving habits.

Last Parking

You can find your last parking area thourgh the final received GPS information.


Vehicle Maintenance Management

With AONE, vehicle maintenance records such as changes in oil/tire, air cleaner, air filter, brake oil, etc. will be saved in the application. You can visit the repair shop by diagnostic code that occurs when there is something wrong with the vehicle.
※ The above information can be available with OBD Ⅱ supported vehicle.


You can use the navigation application in your smartphone.
※ If you want to use the ADAS alert at the same time, you must use T MAP.



When using AONE, user can make a call with voice recognition service or dial phone number. When you receive a call, the default receive screen appears and you can talk on the speakerphone.