Successful ADAS field testing at KIAPI,
Korea Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion Institute.

ADAS ONE’s R&D  continuously develops products that fulfill the exact customers needs, products that have a multidimensional usage and a technology that embodies what customers want.

Autonomous Driving
Field Test

Deagu Field Test

Our products are based on software algorithms which enable the development of computer vision and deep learning-based sensing for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies. These technologies enable ADAS ONE to develop and create sensing products to build an environmental model of the vehicle’s surroundings to guide ADAS systems in avoiding imminent dangerous situations and thereby offer our customers autonomous driving products with the following key functions:

ADAS ONE Core Technology

Embedded Vision

Advanced Driver
Assistance System
(ADAS) Technology

Emergency Braking

CNN based
Deep Learning

Embedded vision Technology

Embedded vision technology enables devices to understand
and interact with its surrounding environment. It is an amalgam
of embedded systems and computer vision technologies.
The embedded system is typically a GPU or CPU microprocessor-
based system, whereas computer vision refers to the use of digital
processing and intelligent algorithms to interpret meanings from
images or videos.

AEB Technology

In-house developed Automatic Emergency Brake (AEB) technology;
combining sensors and brake controls to help prevent collisions.
The technology system identifies potential frontal collision partners
for a full and automatic control of the AEB.

ADAS Technology

In-house developed software algorithm, it represents the core
technology for smart and safe car solutions such as LDW and FCW.

CNN Based Deep Learning

CNN is based on a multi-object recognition algorithm.
It allows object features to be learned automatically from
training exercises. This technology enables the detection of
objects regardless of their size and position.