Hanyang Information & Communications (“Hanyang” hereunder) has grown with the technology that developed and supplied fonts
to global companies such as MS, Google, and Adobe since it was established in 1990.

Since 2013, the Embedded Research Center was established, and ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System),
the core technology of autonomous driving, has been developed in-house.
  Although ADAS ONE(Strategic Brand of Hanyang for ADAS) has only recently entered the ADAS market, their potential was verified in the world's crowd-funding site and prominent exhibitions, they have entered into a technical agreement with various domestic and foreign partners. In addition, we have the technology recognized by the government such as carrying out major national research and development projects in the field of smart cars.
  With the vision to become the world's top 5 mobility autonomous driving system company by 2020, Hanyang, which is showing rapid growth in the field of smart cars, will contribute to making a safe world with ADAS technology until the day when all drivers are free from accident risk.
ADAS ONE is a strategic brand covered Hanyang's own ADAS technology and products for safe driving and prevention to car accident.
A car accident caused of a momentary lapse of attention while driving, the basic technology of ADAS ONE begins on advanced safe driving system that prevents accidents from happening by detecting of possible mistakes and alerting all drivers.
Smart Car Device for Safe Driving

A vehicle camera system with ADAS to support safe driving

Display Device for Safe Driving

The HUD(Head Up Display) device for vehicle displayed ADAS ONE’s all the alarm message

Smartphone Application for Safe Driving and Driving Convenience

The application for only ADAS ONE to report in visual about ADAS alarm and On Board Diagnosis(OBD) supported from ADAS ONE device

S/W per unit module of ADAS function

The unit module software of each function of ADAS supported by ADAS ONE device by its own algorithm developed and implemented