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How To Break Bad Eating Habits


We get fat because we eat too much of foods that our bodies cannot use. We put way too many foods into our mouths that do not offer the nutritional value or the metabolism enhancing benefits. Our bodies, always efficient, store the excess in the event it is needed later. This situation is self-perpetuating since we teach our bodies to desire what it has been accustomed to. This is a habit, much like an addiction.

We eat snacks and sweets; our body craves them, we eat more. This habit must be broken and our bodies (or rather, minds) must be taught to look for and prefer healthier alternatives. Fruits such as berries can help with this transition as they are tasty, sweet, and are low calorie foods that help reduce calorie absorption. Apples are another fruit that provide a tasty healthy alternative to aid our bodies in the transition to desire healthy alternatives.

This is all the good news. The great news is that these tasty morsels also offer extra benefits such as appetite suppression, high fiber, blood pressure control, and the fact that they are naturally effective as fat burners. The first and hardest step is to break the old bad habit and make a new, good, one.

How To Identify A Food Addiction

We all have favorite products. And maybe they are not too healthy. But it doesn’t mean that you have addiction to them. Do you know how to realize that taste preference became an irresistible obsession?

You continue eating even when you are sated. You have eaten a small part of a dessert, it seems to be enough, your stomach is full. But still, you eat everything up to the last crumb.

You feel guilty after you ate too much. And you even don’t feel any joy from food. When you start eating, you feel stressed as you realize to do something bad. So, you feel good only when you see the food and foretaste the process.

You are pleased to do everything just to get the desired food. Go a long way round far from your regular route, wake up at deep night and go to a twenty-four-hour store to buy a cake. Yep, it really happens.

You fall down if you don’t get what you want. What’s the problem in an ice-cream that you haven’t eaten today? Oh, all your day goes down the drain. You are in a bad mood, you feel angry with your kids, your colleagues, the only thing you can do is to think about your favorite food.

How To Get Of From Food Addiction

First of all you should realize that it isn’t just a common habit. It’s a general health disorder that causes the food addiction. So you should first go through a check-up – maybe you have problems with endocrine system.

A consultation with a therapist is a must! Nowadays specialists not only use classic consultations or group work. They may also assign you physiotherapeutic procedures to normalize brain work or some amino acids that help to improve hormones and neurotransmitters production, correct comorbidities that often go with an addiction.

In this case much depends on you. So, what can you do right now?

Think twice when you choose what to eat. It’s not a secret that food industry uses actively our addiction to sweet and fat food. That’s why sugar, animal fat and vegetable oil are widely used when producing intermediate goods and are added to confectionary, sauces and manufactured meat products. All these are actively advertised in conjunction with projection to family hearth, friendship, sexual satisfaction. By the way, healthy food is almost never advertised! Remember of this when you go shopping. If you have some knowledge about tasty and healthy products, you may easily resist to manipulation with your conscience.

Overcome the irritants. You should totally refuse products that cause food addiction for the period of its correction. That’s essential! You shouldn’t put to test your will having everyday walks near your favorite cafeteria with yummy baking or grocery at the store. That reminds of a person who never had sports and suddenly decided to go to a gym and lift a 100 kg weight. Of course he will damage himself! In your case, all forbidden products should be out of your sight! Maybe you should refuse going to restaurants with your friends for some period. Believe us, it won’t last for long. Soon you will strengthen your will and keep calm when you face a temptation to eat forbidden food.

Breathe deeper. It’s good to use this breathing technique when you feel an irresistible obsession to some food or negative emotions because of the taboo. It’s very simple: make a short but deep breath-in through your nose, and then make a long breath-out through your mouth. Make several breathing cycles. It is really simple but efficient method, try it!

Look at your favorite food in a different light. You have a habit to think that a burger, cake or sausages look very yummy. But that works until you chew it. You may often see such a trick on group programs helping to get off from food addiction: they ask you to bring your favorite food, chew it and spit it out into a plate. It’s really disgusting. But after this, many people lose their obsession to favorite but bad food for a long time.

Get a life! Start to try body delights – it may be any skin care, massage, sauna, pleasant tactile feelings. Fill your life with new impressions from going to theatres and shows. It’s important to choose an enjoyment you really like, and it shouldn’t be forced or dictated by some trends. How to realize that it is really yours? If some activity gives you good emotions and you don’t notice how much time you spend for that – that’s it! You’ve found an entertainment really interesting for you. That’s the only way for your appetite related to boredom to give place to your real wishes.

How To Burn Fat

The basic formula for burning fat is: Energy in = Energy out. Most people are aware of the components that the normal body uses. These are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The carbohydrates, as glucoses, are uses for fuel as are the fats. The quantity that is uses is dependent upon physical activity and that which has been recently consumed, if anything. Your body will burn the fat and carbohydrate that has been stored if you use more energy than has been ingested via food or beverage. When the body has used the stored fat and carbohydrates, it will turn to the protein for the fuel necessary for the daily activities.
This use of protein can occur even if one is not exercising. Let go too far, the body will start to consume itself. The body may react to less intake by lowering its metabolism in order to hold on to the body weight, a phenomenon more common than not, it seems. The reason behind this may be found in early evolution where the body protected itself through feast or famine.
We hear often these days (I just did from my doctor) that muscle burns more fat. Since, as some experts say, muscle burns more energy than body fat while it is resting, a higher muscle to fat ratio will result in burning more stored fat. Metabolic studies have shown this to be true but it is not as significant of a difference as some would like to think. The bottom line is that the fat burning depends on how much energy is expended and what diet pills you take. For instance, walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes burns 60% of the total calories burned as fat. Running, on the other hand, burns only 30% in the same 30 minutes. So the moral is: work smarter, not faster!

Health Problems Of Obesity

We all know, or have heard, whether we take it to heart or not, that being overweight can cause problems and subject the body to diseases that are beyond the large look and continual tiredness specifically resulting from being fat. People try all sorts of approaches to reducing the weight such as diet pills, starvation, limiting specific foods, and, perhaps, a revised lifestyle to one more healthy that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise. Many people are not successful for one reason or another. Our busy lives may be one such reason. Healthy diets are tricky to adhere to when working long hours and running hither and yon picking up and dropping off kids.
Hence the convenience of drive through restaurants. For many, however, it becomes a life and death situation. Type 2 diabetes is one example. Many people who have this disease look to gastric bypass surgery and a means to lose weight. A new innovation called the Tantalus System is in the testing phase; it is a device that aims to do the same job as the surgery but much less invasively. The device is an implant that sends electric signals that make the dieter feel they are full. Volunteers lost 11 pounds on average and experienced enough of a decrease in blood sugar to reduce risk of complications by 40 percent. The device will not be available for about five more years.

Is All Fat Bad?

We have been taught by society of late that fat is a bad thing, unhealthy and is causing America to be overweight. We have to check the labels on our foods when we go out to eat now, affecting the enjoyment of the meal. We understand that cooking at home is healthier (yes, you get to chose the ingredients and know what goes into everything), or at least potentially healthier. To be healthy, we need to choose healthy ingredients. Shopping for “low fat” foods makes shopping a bigger chore.

Fats, not the food with which they are made, but the fats themselves can be found in three basic locations as one weaves up and down the grocery aisles. The aisle that has the vegetable oil has several oils that are made from various sources such as safflower, peanut, canola, olive, and corn. A major differentiation between oil and fat is if it is solid or liquid at room temperature.

The dairy section has its fats found in butter, made from cream, and margarine, made from vegetable oil. The third section, the meat section, has, you got it—meat! The layer of white solid stuff seen on meat is the fat. It is sometimes trimmed off by the butcher prior to presentation for purchase.

Good Fats

Fat has become a word that is offensive to our society and gets much publicity. Telling someone they are fat is not a compliment. Realizing one is getting fat is not a good thing. Eating fatty foods is bad. Foods with high fat content are not something to proudly admit we eat. Cooking with fat is not responsible cooking. Fat a word that has a very negative connotation and is all around us. Fat also has many names that can be confusing such as unsaturated fat, saturated fat, mono-unsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, essential fatty acids, fatty acids, trans fatty acids, omega 3-, omega 6-, omega 9- fatty acids, partially hydrogenated fat…wow! There is fat everywhere! 

It is rather daunting to think that fat is bad and it everywhere we look. Let’s back up a bit and put some fear at ease. All fat is not bad. Some fat, in moderation, is very good and essential to our bodies. Let’s look at where that good fat is and make our lives easier. Not many people cook with lard anymore. This is good..for our bodies. Olive oil and canola oil are good choices. Foods are very tasty when they are not deep fried and can be cooked this way with these oils. The all-time fatty fruit avocado got a bad rap. Avocados actually provide some essential fats for the healthy operation of our bodies. Fish has essential fats as well. These good fats help our brain to function. We need them. Fat is not the three-letter work is has become to seem.

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