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How to Pump Up Your Spine at Home


The pace of a modern person’s life is very intense, and not everyone can find time for working out in a gym. In this case, working out at home is the answer. A lot of exercises can be really done at home if you purchase a minimum set of equipment for home trainings (for example, dumbbells, fit ball, rubber band and body bar). However, at home we are limited in the choice of exercises. And there are also no gym machines that are usually used for spine muscles training (for example, vertical and horizontal blocks for different types of rows). A beautiful body will never look as good without the correct posture and a strong spine. So is it possible to strengthen spine muscles at home, and if yes, how? Of course it is, and in this article we are going to tell you about the basic exercises for pumping your spine.

If you have a body bar or barbell and dumbbells (in general, you can use just dumbbells at first), then you are already on your way to success. Using this gear, you can do bent over rowing with dumbbell or body bar. This is a basic exercise for stabilizing spine muscles. It involves several joints and loads the latissimus dorsi muscle, the large and small round muscles, the posterior bundle of the delta, as well as the rhomboid and trapezius muscles.

Bent over rowing with dumbbell with one hand strengthens serratus anterior muscles, rhomboid muscles, the lower parts of the trapezius muscles. A nice bonus of this exercise is that the shoulders and biceps will also work. This is also a basic exercise.
Apart from the bent over rowing exercises, pay attention to such basic exercises as deadlift and bending forward with weights (more known by the common name of “Good Morning”). In both exercises, the focus is on two muscle groups – the hip biceps and the extensors of the back. Deadlift is one of the three main disciplines in powerlifting (along with bench press and squatting) and perfectly develops musculature if you do it with the right technique. You will be able to strengthen the latissimus dorsi, extensors of the back, upper back, forearm.
A lot of exercises can be performed without using additional weights at all, for example, push-ups, all kinds of bars, reverse extensions (the simplest type of reverse extension is the “boat pose” exercise). Moreover, apart from strengthening the spine, these exercises have a positive impact on muscle-stabilizers, core muscles, and are generally good for muscular system strengthening.

If you have a fit ball, then you can do hyperextension with it. This type of exercise, apart from focusing on the back muscles, especially the lower back, will improve your body coordination and its ability to maintain balance.

One of the recent trends is the use of TRX functional suspension loops which greatly expand the possibilities for training at home. For example, you can perform one of the best basic exercises for the back muscles – pull-ups – without the help of a horizontal bar with TRX loops. This kind of pull-ups will suit the ladies, as you can adjust the load from the basic level to the advanced one. In addition, the use of loops expands the ability to perform various types of exercises in the absence of a cable-pull machine.

So, if you want to start training at home, but are not sure if home training opportunities is enough for reaching your goals, you can surely cast off your doubts. You will definitely be able to strengthen any muscle group at home, and spine is not an exception!


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